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Eurofins E&E

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In May 2023, AQL EMC Ltd was acquired by Eurofins Scientific. We joined the Eurofins E&E UK network of laboratories which now covers nine locations across the UK and includes the former Eurofins E&E London (Nemko UK), Eurofins York (York EMC Services), Eurofins ETC, Eurofins Hursley (Hursley EMC Services) and Eurofins CML Ltd locations.

In June 2023, the York, Hursley, ETC and E&E London locations became one, single entity known as Eurofins Electrical and Electronic UK Ltd. The CML and AQL businesses remain as separate legal entities.

Under the umbrella of Eurofins E&E UK, we aim to provide our customers with a truly one-stop solution for all of their product compliance needs, assisting them from design to market.

Eurofins Electrical & Electronic UK Ltd
  • York Office
    • Expert Services, Global Market Access, Products (Reference Noise Sources), Admin/Finance, Marketing
  • Grangemouth Laboratory
  • Castleford Laboratory
  • Bristol Laboratory
  • ETC Laboratory
  • London Laboratory
  • Hursley Laboratory
Eurofins E&E CML Ltd
  • Ellesmere Port
  • Netherlands (EU) Office
  • Wimborne

Across the network, we offer a wide scope of services, operating beyond the traditional testing services typically offered by an EMC laboratory.

Below you will find a very brief summary of what is offered where – however, no matter where you are based, you can access any of these services through your local laboratory.